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Ten tips for a successful eshop


1. Take it Seriously:
The first important step is to fully consider the web opportunity. If you do that without enough resources, your shop won't start and you won't have any order. The first step is to give to, at least, one person the responsibility of the website and orders. With the Ecomready admin interface, this person doesn't have to know much about technology but he has to know the products and be able to answer the customers' emails fast (less than 24 hours).

2. Good Strategy:
On the web, every shop is next to the other. So why people would buy on your site instead of another ? There are 2 winning strategy on the web: sell at the best price or sell an exclusive product. Be sure to be in one of those categories.

3. High Quality Website:
If you have a poor quality website, surfers won't buy anything. As in a real shop, if you door is dirty, customers won't enter to see if they are interested in any products. That's why Antici Online offers professional looking shops and web design services for those who want us to do the complete layout of their website. Don't put poor quality images and check your website with different browsers to see that everything works properly.

Six phases of Creating a Successful Website

Things are and must stay simple. Lets not over complicate things.

Your website needs to be attractive, functional, well maintained and speak to the customer base you are referring to.

Here are six phases that need to be followed for a website to be successful.


The first step in designing a successful web site is to gather information.

Many things need to be taken into consideration when the look and feel of your site is created. 

This first step is actually the most important one, as it involves a solid understanding of the company it is created for.

It involves a good understanding of you – what your business goals and dreams are, and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve those goals. 

It is important that your web designer start off by asking a lot of questions to help them understand your business and your needs in a web site.

Things to consider: Purpose - Goals - Target audience - Content -

Real time stock & prices for our eshops

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Being in the web design / development / promotion busines since 2004, i realized that one of the most important things that people note regarding your websites is how updated this is. Keeping an outdated website is worst than not having a website at all.

Imagine an outdated eshop....



responsive web design cyprus

Related service: responsive web design cyprus

As more and more clients that have older non-responsive websites discuss with us the possibility of re-designing their website with responsive features in it would like to explore the advantages of this matter.

First let me place myself in favour of responsive web design for many reasons, some one of them outlined below.

This is the reason i develop all my websites in responsive environment, with client's agreement ofcourse.