10 things to avoid when designing a logo

logo design 001

Here is a list of ten test that your logo must pass in order to be successful:

Scalable? Always go for what is scalable. Many logos do not show well on social media due to their non scalability, complexity and too much information. Resize your logo to 150 pixels width and look at it. You will then know if it passes this test.

Wording? Too many thoughts, too much to show... all in the same basket? Say it with a word or two. Research it first. Spend time on it. Always have in mind the audience you are targeting. Teenagers don't use the same words as people borned in the 70s.


Display? Your logo is not just a display of your business name. Must be catchy and smart.

Monochrome? Turn your logo into black and white and look at it. Your invoices and receipts most probably will be printed in monochrome      

Google images? If you used any google or stock images then forget about it. Just thow it away. Logos dont with stock or google photos most probably they were used for many more logos too, meaning your logo is not unique.

Aesthetics? Is your logo nice or ugly. This is not something that is up for discussion. Show it to 50 people and tell them to tell you if they honestly like your logo. Stare at it yourself for 10 minutes thinking exclussively your logo. Do you like it?

Trendy? Is your logo red with 3 stripes just because is in fashion now? Is it trendly? Fashion logos do not pass the time test....

Vector? Do you have your logo in vector format? Can you print a 50 meters wide poster with your logo and be shiny and perfect? If your logo was designed in photoshop then you can't If it was designed in illustrator or corel and vectors were used then you can. Remember that you need to have somewhere saved a source format of your logo. Many times an ".ai" format will do the work.

Font? Font is of upmost importance in a logo. Knowing which font to use for which industry and theme is an invaluable quality.

Copy Paste? Are you getting ideas from the competition? Stop immediately!!! Be unique to stand out.