DVD / CD Replication


Lets define it!

Compact disc manufacturing is the process by which commercial compact discs (CDs) are replicated in mass quantities using a master version created from a source recording. This may be either in audio form (CD-Audio) or data form (CD-ROM). This process is used in the mastering of read-only compact discs; CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVDs are made somewhat differently, though the methods are broadly similar.


What can we do?

Our company has undertaken hundreds of CD / DVD replication projects over the years for many branded items / established businesses in Cyprus and Greece.

We are very strict regarding the Copyrights, for this reason we always ask our clients to provide us with a signed & stamped document that the CD that they are engaging us to replicate, contains exclusively content that is their own or content for which they have the copyright.

We can prepare the design for your CD and/or Jewel case as well as the content of the CD which may be a video presentation / animation of your company, a flash production or your company presentation.

Over the years, we have established a methodology in creating an amazing CD / DVD replication, which provides our client with safety and without stress, through a professional business communication.

We undertake CD / DVD replications with minimum quantity 50 pieces and without a maximum limit as we can perform any number of replications under a reasonable time frame.



Primary aim when we were developing our methodology was the satisfaction of the client and achieving for him the best return on investment that can be achieved.

For this reason we follow the steps outlined below, that guide us through the process of replicating a CD / DVD safely and without mistakes / errors:

Our project manager analyzes what has been discussed in the meeting and writes down detailed specifications and a roadmap of what needs to be done in analytical form, so the designers can understand what is needed in respect of the CD Design & Replication.
Copyright Agreement
At this stage the client provides us with the stamped & signed document stating clearly that the contents on the CD is of his own copyright.
Design of the label
At this point the project manager engages that will work on the project. He specifies and explains them in detail what needs to be done. Alpha version of the design for all the agreed pages of the booklets (if any) is prepared.
Fixes / Approval
At this point the project manager together with the client review and fix what is needed to complete the project. This is an itinerary process until project is completed and approved by the client.
Our Company orders the CDs / DVDs to the factory and production starts the next day.
At this point the client is delivered in his office the copied CDs / DVDs.


We provide all our clients a perfect combination of quality and affordability through a package without hidden costs. Our client knows from the beginning what he is getting and when, how much he is paying and when.

Contact us for any of the above mentioned services or for any other kind of web related service you may need. If you can imagine it, then we can do it!