Online Magazines or Newspapers

Lets Define it!

An online magazine or newspaper does not differ much from the hard copy ones. The only difference is that the publisher avoids the cost of printing so he can deliver the magazine / newspaper at a lower cost to his client, not in printed copy but online with the option to browse it through  3D flipping book. The administration that a hard copy of a publication needs, is still needed in the online publication like: journalists, text correctors, media artists etc


What do we offer?

Our company through the Antici! Online Publicator provides to clients the facility to publish their magazines, newspapers, books etc through a very user friendly interface and promote it through the web. This way during a time of economic crisis like now the client avoids the printing and logistics of delivering the publication.


What features does the Antici! Online Publicator provide?


Online Editing
Administrator can edit the contents of the publication online, around the world, even on the go through his mobile device
User friendly interface
The publication is presented to the visitor in a very uder friendly interface in 3D flipping book form or as a normal news website
Easy to administer
Administrator very easily can manage the whole content of the online publication through a user friendly back end
Unline the printed publication, the online one has the possibility of adding video on a page, not just text and images, this way making it more interractive for the reader visiting your online publication
Limited Reading
Administrator has the option to give free some pages and then user to be able to pay and read the whole publication
Subscriptions management
Administrator can set subscription fees and limit the access to the publications they can see. So a user can pay a fee and see only lifestyle magazines or a single one. He can at any time upgrade his package and see more. Subscription packages are set up and managed by the administrator in a user friendly interface
The platform has embeded a newsletter engine where the administrator at any time can send a newsletter to thousands of subscribers
175.000 users by default
The platform has in 175.000 subscribers that like to read publications and asked us to send them new publications already in the system by default. So by the time your publication is online we can inform these people to come and visit it
Multi category
News are inserted by the administrator in different categories created by him (unlimited)
No limits
Administrator can add in as many articles and photos / videos as he likes limited only by the hosting space on the server. For hosting click here

How we work / methodology

We have in place a methodology for producing an online publication, as follows:

Starting point
Production of an online publication is a process that starts with the analysis of the company profile of the customer, the logo, what needs to be done and the profile of the future visitors of the online publication we are about to develop.
We draft the specifications (what needs to be done and when) & we proceed with finding the perfect domain name and we assign to it a suitable hosting package after discussion with the client.
Design drafting
At the same time the chief web designer drafts the web design and we show to the client, analyzing where each element will go on the publication. This is discussed and agreed upon in a meeting. Once this is done the web designer starts designing the website with graphics, based on the draft and the corporate identity of the client. Once design is ready we present it to the client and do final tunnings on it until everybody is happy.
At this point the project manager explains in detail the agreed function and design specifications to the web developers, who prepare the beta demo of the publication for client to review. Client reviews the publication together with the project manager and we fix bugs & revisions needed, until client is completely happy with the final deliverable.
Go live
Online publication goes live at this stage on its own domain. Presentation is done at client's office by our project co-ordinator.
Note that at all times the client views the demo of the online publication, through a link in the Antici! demo server, until it goes live. At the same time, we are close to the client even long after the website is completed.
Once the online publication is live in its domain name, it's time to start promoting it. Here you can read about ways this can be done.


We provide all our clients a perfect combination of quality and affordability through a package without hidden costs. Our client knows from the beginning what he is getting and when, how much he is paying and when.

Contact us for any of the above mentioned services or for any other kind of web related service you may need. If you can imagine it, then we can do it!