Tickets System / Project Management


Our company has established an Online Project Management Platform (OPMP) where you as a client can view the progress of your project, have access to the alpha or beta or final demo of your project.

At the same time you have the ability to post your comments & get answers by the developer / designer working on it.

Update of the system is done on a daily basis (end of the day) so each day you can view online the work done during the day that has passed and ofcourse of all the previous days.

This has been established on a user friendly platform and there is no additional cost for this, only requirement being the client to be using it so we can have his feedback.


Some of the Features

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    Antici! OPMP interactive timeline offers an alternative, Gantt-style view of your projects and tasks, their durations and dependencies.

    This feature shows you the deadline for each one of your projects and its tasks.

    You can filter the data by groups, project, dates ranges. You can switch between daily, weekly and monthly view.

    Watch your project getting done and plan your next business moves without stress!

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    Main Panel

    Through a central panel you can view your projects / tasks, files, deadlines, this way having control on all aspects of the elements that are responsible for your project's success.

    All the data is shown through a user-friendly and flexible interface, that the view can be customized by you using groups and tags.

    Once a task is updated by a developer / designer of our team, you are notified on your email and an icon "upd" appears next to it.

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    Email Notifications

    Once the administrator / developer / designer working on your project updates the system with new information, or in case he wants to ask you something, by clicking a button you are notified on your email with his comments.

    By replying to that email, the system is updated with your comments that you write in the email.

    You can login at any time and post your comments / upload your files or post your comments in the system under the specific task / project, for our employees to view and act upon.

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    Mobile Version

    Heading out? Have Fun! But at the same time you can stay connected with us and view the progress of your projects / tasks and post your feedback to us from the cafe or beach.

    Just go to the Antici! OPMP from your private space in our website. Automatically the website detects that you are on mobile and shifts you to mobile view with all the features active, by on a mobile friendly environment.

    Communication is king when it comes to successful project delivery!

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Contact us here to get access to Antici! OPMP and see Online the progress of your project & Interract with us.

IF you already have an account in Antici! OPMP then CLICK HERE and access the platform by entering your email and password given to you by us upon registration.