Antici! JCC integration to Virtuemart component for Joomla! CMS

Today we have laucnhed a facebook page dedicated to our JCC integration to Virtuemart component for Joomla! CMS.

It works with Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0

Click on the paypal link above to buy this plugin and integrate your Virtuemart with JCC Payment Systems within minutes.

This Joomla - VirtueMart 2 payment module is designed for making credit card payments through JCC (Cyprus).

JCC payment gateway uses the redirect method where the user is redirected to the processing site (JCC ) to make his payment.

After payment verification, JCC notifies the merchant's e-commerce site and returns the customer back to it.

This process is transparent for the customer. The merchant can then connect to his JCC backoffice to administer his payments.


Some website's launched using this component:


Component's official website:

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